How to use
  • Go to

  • At the bottom of the left panel you have 3 buttons

  • Use these buttons to navigate through 4 different panels

  • On the atlantic/pacific panels..
  • can show hurricanes by using selectors

  • You should now see hurricanes!

  • Hover and click on the Hurricanes for more info

  • You can also zoom in/out by using the mouse or click the +/- buttons
  • choose from many different map styles

  • Show/hide graphs with the button in the bottom right corner

  • In the Animation panel you will be presented with two input text fields. The text has to be in the format as shown
  • You are capable of choosing which hurricanes will be animated (PAC or ATL) by selecting it above the text fields
  • After inputing the dates you wish to animate over you can press the play button and it will begin the animation
  • To stop the animaiton you can hit the stop button and the hurricanes will stop where they are
  • Finally to clear the map, press the clear map button and all the hurricanes displayed will disappear

Data used
the Atlantic hurricane database (HURDAT2) 1851-2014 and the Northeast and North Central Pacific hurricane database (HURDAT2) 1949-2013 at

Information on the file format:

We parsed the data into huge javascript arrays,
which we then accessed and manipulated in order to show
information such as hurricane lines, top 5 or 10, etc
Libraries Used
D3 -
Bootstrap -
Jquery (mostly UI) -
Ajax -
Leaflet -
Mapbox(Leaflet uses this) -
Source Code
Interesting things found
Found that a lot of atlantic hurricanes originate around the northwest coast of africa
and travel west, curving up by the coast of mexico and then travel along the US Northeast coast

While a lot of pacific hurricanes start west of Mexico and just travel about halfway to Japan before dissipating

When Hurricanes approach a land mass, the hurricanes wind speed decreases drastically and the direction of travel is changed
Team members and their roles
Worked on:
  • Setup/Managed website
  • Imported/Parsed data
  • Drew/Managed Hurricane lines draw on the map
  • Setup side panels and handled resizing
Worked on:
  • Content within current hurricanes panel
  • Graphs pertaining to currently shown hurricanes
  • Setup selectors in pacific/atlantic panels
Worked on:
  • Animation of hurricanes over specified dates
  • Animation of markers over lines Drawn on map
  • Restructured animation panel to fit program functionality
Youtube video